[IT168 News] What is the hottest in the Internet industry today? The webcast industry is arguably the best ranked. With the rapid development of the Internet + industry, and the continuous warming of the gaming industry, watching the live web, especially the beautiful live broadcast, has gradually become an integral part of the life of today's Internet users. Some “big otaku nerds” have even won a laugh for the anchor. "Do not hesitate to throw a thousand dollars.

â–² Popular game anchor Nan Boer

It has to be said that the webcast industry has indeed solved a group of people’s employment problems, and has also led to the rapid development of a number of related industries such as the game industry and the hardware industry. Whether it is the speculation of capital, or just the need of the market, the live webcast (net red) suddenly stands in the air. However, the live broadcast industry that frequently hits the “wiping the ball” has also become somewhat “uneasy” under the gradual shrinking of the national policy. The live broadcast of content-oriented, low-traditional cultures has made the live webcast always in a turbulent position. Hype is the capital's willingness to see, but this is not always the real capital realization channel.

Is the Internet live in full swing or an opportunity?

On November 25th, 2016, the 12th and 2nd finals of the Jingdong Game Jingmei Game Meizi Cup National Tournament (Jingdong Game & Meizi Cup) jointly hosted by Shengtuo Media and Jingdong Games ended perfectly. The top 12 women from the country The professional team brought unprecedented game feast to game players. Jingdong Game Meizizi can be said to be one of the hottest women's events in the world today. It not only compensates for the huge market gap in the women's electric competition, but also provides a greater platform for female players to show themselves. In this one, there is no shortage of contestants who have participated in the live broadcast of the Internet. Even the goddesses in the hearts of some "otaku men" appear in the participating teams.

â–² Jingdong game sister cup game site

Among the 12 participating teams, the "highest value", or the redest female network anchor is a 2016 Chengdu championship - the single of the Saints team, "South Boer, surely mentioning her name many LOL game players can brain supplement Out of her beauty, to see the devil Wang Nanboer can be said to be the dream of many people, this reflects the influence of today's webcast (Internet Red) from the side. Throughout the current e-sports industry, most retired occupations The players chose to use the network anchor as their personal second career, such as Ruo Feng and Xiao Cang, and apart from the aura of professional stars, female players have a much higher chance of “red” than men.

â–²Establishment and anchorage of Jingdong Game Meizi Cup Competition

What are the advantages of playing a good game with a network player?

Female players are more likely to be red? Male players are crying!

First of all, the proportion of men and women in China today is imbalanced. Male internet users are much higher than female users. Therefore, the "live rate" of beautiful women's live broadcasts is much higher than that of handsome guys, and there are more male compatriots playing games; second, playing games plays well. Sisters know more about the game than others, so they have a certain potential for doing live broadcasting. Third, with the opening of the national e-sports industry and the younger mainstream Internet users, the game industry has become the same today. Stand in one of the industry branches of the outlet, and playing the game will inevitably look at the live broadcast;

â–² live beauty of the game scene, a mobile phone can be, very convenient.

Fourth, the webcast industry will have more fun than other industries today, which is more suitable for young girls; the last thing to say is that wanting to be a good game player is not limited to games. In itself, versatility is one of the elements needed for webcasting, and at this point women are far superior to men.

â–² South Boer at the scene of Jingdong Game & Match Cup

Therefore, women's gamers can say that one of the most suitable people for webcasting today is the female electric competition event has also become an opportunity to promote the web broadcast "going right". According to market research feedback, some game players often play live games when they play games. If you have an opportunity, you can “bring the world” and Raytheon will provide such a platform for the majority of gamers - Raytheon. Star's plan network anchor recruitment, which undoubtedly provides a broad stage for female gamers to pursue their dreams!

Beauty, if you have a good game and you are very confident and confident, sign up!

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