How much time does it take to lose 13 pounds, and how much to do? A man, Tim Donahey, shared his experience in a popular foreign discussion forum, Reddit, and proved that only 50 hours is enough. Of course, it does not continue to exercise or diet for 50 hours. Instead, it spends 1 hour each day on VR games. It is possible to lose weight by playing games at home for about 50 days.

Play VR success slimming

Since his son was born, Tim found himself getting fatter and heavier, so he thought of using the new toy HTC Vive and games to create a weight-loss plan for himself. Tim plays an hour of VR games every day. He starts with Longbow Longbow in The Lab for a warm-up for 10 minutes, then he plays 20 minutes of boxing game “Thrill of the Fight” and the archery game “Holopoint”. Holoball ends.

Tim shared his plans with Reddit users. He calculated that such an hour of VR games could consume 866 calories. After about 50 days, Tim's weight was reduced from the original 180.4 pounds to 166 pounds, and the contrasts he had uploaded before and after weight loss can also be seen to have significant differences in body shape.

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