Automotive IC reburning DFT technology

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With the new requirements for safety-critical applications, especially automotive ICs (integrated circuits), DFT (Testability Design) technology has once again received attention. More and more processors are being used in automotive brake systems, engine controls, head-up displays, navigation systems and image sensors. These chips must meet very high quality and reliability standards, so chip manufacturers must also perform high levels of production testing and system internal testing. Not only that, but they must also ensure that test time and costs do not increase while maximizing test levels.

Chip test method

Today, two test methods are rapidly adopted by many safety-critical equipment developers - Cell-Aware Automated Test Vector Generation (ATPG) and ATPG/Logical Built-In Self Test (LBIST). The unit identification test method achieves a goal of zero defect count per million (DPM). The comprehensive test rule improves test quality and efficiency by combining ATPG and LBIST logic test methods.

It turns out that the unit identification ATPG test is the only way to find defects that cannot be detected by traditional methods. It can find a complete set of defects that cannot be found in the test methods for fixed faults, node jumps, and delay defects, because this method first simulates the actual defects that may occur when the standard cells are physically laid out. Under the improvement of the new technology, the size of the test vector in the unit identification test method is reduced, but the whole test vector is still larger than the test vector generated by the traditional test method, so the embedded compression is performed. Many companies have achieved significant results because of the unit identification test method. An overview of some of the results is shown in Figure 1.

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