Haier, which is moving toward globalization, is committed to the integration of global resources to seek greater opportunities. At the 10th China Household Appliances Expo, which was recently opened, the Haier Group announced in one breath the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Dow, Europe BEST, and FPA, the three largest international giants, to jointly develop and promote world-leading green appliances. Program.

At the press conference, the German market research agency G FK, the world's authoritative market research agency Euromonitor International, and the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and other authoritative agencies all stated that energy-saving and low-carbon have become the core trend of home appliances in the future. The application of technologies such as energy-saving and water-saving technologies, recyclable technologies, low-pollution, and low-emission technologies has greatly increased the energy-saving level of home appliances. In this context, the Quartet cooperated to seek green business opportunities.

It is reported that in the global strategic cooperation project signed with the Dow Chemical Company, Haier introduced Dow's latest patented Pascal vacuum foaming project into the refrigerator field. Pascal technology is the latest technology developed by Dow, a world leader in the chemical industry, and Haier is the first home appliance company to apply Pascal technology to production. The A++++ refrigerator unveiled at the show is the result of cooperation between the two sides. The refrigerator consumes only 0.19 degrees on a daily basis, becoming the most energy-efficient refrigerator in the world, saving 63% energy than the country’s highest energy efficiency standard, and saving energy from the European A+++ standard with the highest energy efficiency rating. 41%.

In the strategic cooperation agreement between New Zealand's largest home appliance company FPA and Haier, both parties will carry out global high-end home appliance product R&D through resource sharing. FPA is the first home appliance brand in the Australian market, and its motor technology is known as the "origin of the motor." The uniform power washing machine series exhibited this time is a product of cooperation between the two parties.

The head of BE ST, Europe's largest manufacturer of professional kitchen appliances, said: “In the future, the two parties will carry out multi-angle cooperation, including new product series planning, new technology application, appearance design and quality control.” Series kitchen electric products have become the focus of attention.

Haier related responsible person said that this time Haier and the three major companies to cooperate, the purpose is to meet the global consumer demand for increasingly stringent energy conservation and environmental protection. Euromonitor International released the latest global household appliance market survey results: Haier’s large-scale home appliances accounted for 6.1% of global market sales in 2010, ranking first in the world; Haier refrigerators and washing machines accounted for 10.8% of the global market in 2010. And 9.1%.