China Mobile and Taiwan Far EasTone Telecom have negotiated plans to jointly establish a fresh water-Pudong or freshwater-Ningbo direct submarine cable. Chunghwa Telecom plans to develop direct submarine cables in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and takes a SAR business opportunities.

The long-distance telecoms strategy, Long Shizhu, stated yesterday (16th) that the international business of freshwater to Pudong currently depends on the C2C submarine cable built by Taiwan Optical Network, and the international submarine cable that Taiwan uses to transit the mainland via Hong Kong, considering Taiwan. Due to the frequent earthquakes on the East Coast, and in response to the expansion of cross-strait economic and trade operations, the expansion of direct sea cables on the West Coast was indeed considered. The sites considered include freshwater - Shanghai Pudong, Danshui - Ningbo, and Taiwan and Hong Kong risks.

China Telecom’s deputy general manager, Chin Tai Fung, stated last night that the establishment of a direct sea cable between Taiwan and Hong Kong does have such a concept and plans, but no cross-strait consultation has yet been initiated. The industry pointed out that Ningbo Mobile, Zhonghua Electric and Far EasTone Telecom decided to develop smart wireless cities in Ningbo. It is expected that mobile phones, NFC chips, vehicle and vehicle-carrying communications, Internet of Things and value-added application service providers will gradually enter Ningbo, in Taiwan and Ningbo. With the establishment of cross-strait direct submarine cable, there will indeed be business opportunities for companies with wide bandwidth requirements.