Shenzhen, Sweden, Uppsala - December 12, 2014 - AAC Technologies Holdings Ltd. (AAC), the world's leading supplier of integrated micro-component solutions, and Dirac Research AB, a Swedish audio technology research and development company, today officially announced their cooperation. . The two companies have teamed up to combine AAC's advanced microspeaker technology with the world's top Dirac audio signal processing technology to deliver an unprecedented audio experience to end users.

With AAC's high-performance micro-speakers and Dirac's M-SuiteTM mobile device omni-directional audio technology solution, smartphone users can experience stunning, wide-spectrum stereos and ultimate clarity and transparency.

A unique combination of AAC and Dirac, both soft and hard, includes AAC's high-performance speaker hardware and acoustic design, and Dirac's custom audio optimization algorithms that deliver unprecedented quality to mobile phone manufacturers. Shorten time to market.

"The partnership with AAC will create more opportunities for us to apply Dirac's advanced audio processing technology to mobile devices on a larger scale. AAC speakers have the advantages of excellent low frequency, high sensitivity and low distortion, and advanced audio with Dirac The combination of software to build a unique new product development framework for customers, bringing more value to customers,” said Dr. Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac.

“Smartphones and tablets are becoming an entertainment platform. As consumers demand more and more sound quality, the speakers used in such devices are getting smaller and smaller, and the sound quality is more fidelity. Dirac leads the world. Audio signal processing technology and AAC's high-performance speakers work together to significantly improve sound quality, and are in line with AAC's development strategy to provide customers with a total solution." Mr. Zhu Bingke, senior vice president of AAC research and development, said.

About AAC

AAC Technologies was established in 1993 and listed in Hong Kong in 2005 (stock code 2018.HK) and has become the world's leading supplier of micro-components for the communications, IT and consumer electronics markets. With a strong research, design and production capacity, AAC Technologies provides customers with high value-added, high-quality products. AAC Technologies has 12 R&D centers, more than 600 senior researchers and engineers, and production bases in Changzhou, Suzhou, Fuyang and Shenzhen, China, and has the most advanced automatic production equipment and testing instruments. Provide customers with one-stop services for acoustics, touch feedback, radio frequency, optics and integrated solutions. AAC Technologies also has subsidiaries in the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Europe. As one of the industry leaders, AAC Technologies maintains strategic partnerships with many of the world's top brands, and its products are widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablet computers, ultra-thin notebook computers, and wearable devices. In 2013, the Group's overall annual sales reached 1.3 billion US dollars (8 billion yuan).

About Dirac

Dirac Research is an audio technology development company specializing in digital sound optimization, spatial correction and sound field synthesis technology, based in Sweden. The company was founded in 2001 by a number of signal processing experts from Uppsala University in Sweden. Dirac's sound technology is a world leader in the industry and is used by several market leaders. For example, brands such as BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Datasat Digital Entertainment use Dirac technology to improve sound quality and shorten development cycles. Dirac M-Suite is an audio optimization solution for mobile devices, derived from Dirac's audio technology for high-end home audio, professional cinema and high-end automotive markets.

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