[Text|High-tech LED reporter Long Zonghui] EMC packaging is a new packaging form based on EMC bracket, which was first developed and mass-produced by Nichia. EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) is a highly integrated form of frame using the new Epoxy material and etching technology in the Molding equipment package. The EMC stent after special treatment has the advantages of high heat resistance, UV resistance, yellowing resistance and good air tightness.

Many severe reliability experiments have proved that EMC products are aging at 10000h long-term normal temperature under high current, and the product attenuation is very small under 3000h high temperature (85°C) high current illumination. Its aging attenuation performance is significantly better than PCT materials, far exceeding PPA materials. At the same time, in the long-term UV environment under high current for 1000h, the anti-UV ability is stronger than that of PCT/PPA materials.

In addition, many packaging manufacturers shoddy, using secondary recycling materials to fight the price war, completely regardless of product quality, and EMC has no water outlet sales.

All kinds of advantages make EMC's packaging form develop rapidly after birth, gradually extending from the initial backlight to the white light market, and gradually gain market recognition. At the 2014 High-tech Conference, Sloan Project Director Zhang Luhua will share the unique performance advantages of EMC packaging and introduce application solutions based on EMC packaging.

"EMC's biggest advantage is its high temperature resistance and UV resistance, so it is very suitable for 0.2W-3W." Zhang Luhua said that these advantages allow EMC to package high-power indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, tunnel lights and other high-power lighting field performance. Very good. At the same time, compared to Cree's XP series and the scheme of making street light source with imitation lumens, the cost performance is higher.

As the industry's highest specification and largest industry event in the LED industry, it is also the best platform for the annual LED industry's year-end review, analysis and outlook. So far, the high-tech LED conference has been successfully held for four sessions. The 5th High-tech LED Conference will also be held at the Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club in Shenzhen on December 12-13, 2014.

On the afternoon of December 13th, by Mulinsen’s “Looking at the new LED chapter for the next three years” theme, Smect will present its latest research data and results in EMC packaging and conduct interactive discussions with the participants. .

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