When the construction industry meets "Industry 4.0", what kind of temperature will he have? Then, you need to ask the central air conditioner that "know the cold and know the heat".

The central air conditioning group control solution seems to give building systems the ability to sense human temperature: it can control group-controlled cold (hot) water units based on different temperatures, times and demands. How amazing is he? Below, we will unveil its mysterious veil.

The “three highs” of central air-conditioning group control solutions: high efficiency, high life, high energy saving

The central air-conditioning room energy-saving group control system is part of the building automation system and is a professional central air-conditioning control system. It adopts advanced vector control theory, unique double-effect energy-saving method, combines network control technology and variable frequency control technology, and optimizes energy-saving solutions for HVAC systems, thereby realizing energy saving, refined management and reducing manpower. Cost, energy saving and other goals. It has the following characteristics:

Central air conditioning group control solution

Automated control   

China has a vast territory, ranging from the northernmost Heilongjiang to the southernmost Guangdong, which is the country with the largest changes in latitude and temperature difference. It is cold and hot in the sun, which makes the building air conditioner face a very severe test. The computer software control system developed for the actual operation characteristics of the central air-conditioning equipment automatically adjusts the start, stop, linkage, alarm, reset and alternate operation of the equipment related to the central air-conditioning room according to the operating load of the air-conditioning terminal, and kills the potential crisis in the cradle. .

Energy efficient

Based on the unique vector control method and double-effect energy-saving method, the VWV (variable water volume) and VAV (variable air volume) technologies are used to save 20% to 45% of pumps and fans, including air handling units and auxiliary machines. The energy-saving transformation of the whole system can make the central air-conditioning air treatment system energy-saving reach 25% to 40%, the air-conditioning main system energy-saving 15% to 30%, the total energy saving of the whole system reaches 30% to 40%, achieving the effect of “open source and throttling” .

Extend equipment life

Annual depreciation rate = (l - estimated net residual value rate) ÷ estimated service life (year) & TImes; l00%, which also requires a small series of "drop book bags"? "Lifetime" as the denominator, naturally the greater the value, the lower the depreciation rate! The central air-conditioning group control solution uses the wheel wear control method and the vector control method to reduce the equipment usage rate and combine with the self-diagnosis program to effectively extend the service life of the equipment, thereby reducing the annual depreciation rate of fixed assets.

"Ten King Kong" perfect control temperature

The central air-conditioning room is equipped with "Ten King Kong". Under their coordination, it is not a matter of controlling the temperature in minutes!

Central air conditioning group control solution

Central air conditioning group control solution

How do the "Top Ten King Kongs" work together?

Central air conditioning end wind cabinet control principle

Central air conditioning group control solution

Control requirements

The number of air-conditioning mainframes is reasonably controlled, and the water flow is optimally configured through frequency conversion technology. The water system can operate efficiently and save energy.

● The water flow rate of the air conditioning cabinet is adjusted by the PID proportional integral to make it run at the best state, achieving the balance between supply and demand, saving energy consumption.

● Remote centralized management, group management, timing management, temperature limitation, etc., effectively eliminate unnecessary energy waste.

● The cold and heat source water system is managed in a unified manner with the terminal air conditioner. By reducing the end energy consumption, the energy consumption of the cold and heat source system is further reduced, thereby achieving efficient secondary energy saving.

Control system architecture

The control system is composed of the CTH200 PLC and the COPANEL Ethernet touch screen.

The schematic diagram of the host control system is as follows: (refer to the actual control system diagram below)

Central air conditioning group control solution

How do the "Top Ten King Kongs" show their magic? System equipment list:

Computer room water system configuration list:

Central air conditioning group control solution

End air cabinet system configuration list

Central air conditioning group control solution

The group control system operation interface is as follows:

Central air conditioning group control solution

Central air conditioning group control solution

Group-controlled air conditioning units are generally installed outdoors. For convenient wiring, most of their centralized control cabinets are installed outdoors. The ambient temperature changes greatly and the electrical environment is complex. PLC products are required to have lightning protection, moisture resistance and high temperature resistance.

The CTH200 series Ethernet PLC of Hexin Technology integrates one Ethernet port and two Fport/PPI switchable communication ports. The communication speed is fast, and the PLC can exchange data through the network port, which satisfies the remote monitoring of the group control system. The requirements of centralized management and distributed control greatly reduce the overall solution cost and improve the performance of the product.

The father of modern architecture, "Louis Barragan" once said with deep affection: "I believe that there are emotional buildings, and that the beauty and emotions are conveyed to the users." The central air-conditioning group control solution is like this, so that there is a language that can be interoperable between a building and human beings, and it has the ability to sense and respond.

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