There are not many people who can select 4K TVs. After all, there is no evidence in the air and it is hard truth to see and feel. Therefore, first look at how God chose 4K TV!

The first step, we take a look at the clarity part. God will choose a 4K picture with a digital scale (38402160 resolution). After playing on a 4K TV, see if you can see the number of each scale. 2K TV is definitely not clear, and poorly performing 4K TVs are not clear.

The second step, we will change a picture, look at the display effect of 4K TV text, lines and color blocks, all the details are clear can be seen as excellent, and vice versa is not qualified.

The third step, excellent 4K TV, grayscale performance is very good, white is white, black is black, such as the following picture of this 4K TV's performance, is to the 32th order, spherical chart 10 steps, still Clear and legible. If every netizen is also a 4K TV at home, you can try it out for yourself. Whether your home TV can be seen, perhaps only 10% of products on the market can reach this level.

The fourth step is color and perspective testing. First of all, we must be able to visually see that there is no congruence at the top of the color patch. If this cannot be satisfied, it will perform poorly. Secondly, each color distribution area below the color map should show a triangle, and the color of the final color ball diagram should also have a uniform and soft transition.

At the same time, we can also prepare several 4K high-definition large-size pictures of different colors to be played on the TV, reflecting the actual viewing effect.

The fifth step, look for the blue USB interface. The excellent 4K TV will definitely be equipped with a blue USB interface (USB3.0), and its transmission speed is theoretically 10 times that of the black USB interface. When playing 4K video via USB, it is essential. Hisense ULED curved TV LED55K7100UC is equipped with a blue USB interface on the side of the fuselage.

The scene can also prepare several 4K videos to actually play on a 4K TV.

If a 4K TV can achieve the above five points, then it is definitely an excellent 4K TV. When you next purchase, remember to read more and compare it. You will know more about 4K TV.

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