The LED lighting system of the Huanshan Road Tunnel was officially put into use.

The reporter learned from Yantai Municipal Maintenance Management Office that after a week of debugging, the high-power LED tunnel light of Huanshan Road Tunnel was officially put into operation today. The tunnel was filled with silver-white light. This is the first one in Yantai to adopt high efficiency and energy saving. The LED acts as a tunnel for the light source.
The tunnel was originally designed to use 70 light sources of 250W and 110W high-pressure sodium lamps. The 24-hour lighting is uninterrupted, while the life of sodium bulbs is only 3 to 5 months. The frequency of repair and replacement is high, which brings a certain burden to the maintenance of municipal facilities. .

In order to improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel, the municipal maintenance department decided to replace the original design with a light source by using the national patented LED tunnel light. The life of the lamp can reach more than 5 years, and the single lamp power is 100W, but it can reach 250W sodium lamp. With the same illumination, the energy consumption is only 40%. The use of new LED lights not only saves energy, but also reduces the frequency of maintenance and reduces the investment of manpower and machinery. It is a good thing to do both.

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