The pace of lighting is getting bigger and bigger, which is also the best proof of the “manufacturing of ancient towns” towards “creation of ancient towns”. At the same time, the introduction of LED standards not only promoted the standardization of the industry, but also guided the industry to move from disorderly, non-standard to orderly and standard, and also accelerated the speed of industry reshuffle and directly promoted the upgrading of the industry.
Status quo: Industry chaos promotes LED standards. “The LED industry is still in a chaotic situation. There is no standard implementation, so some enterprises are driven by the interests, and the quality of the products produced is inferior.” Participating in the “Performance Requirements for LED Modules for General Lighting” Liu, the head of Zhongshan Shanmu Display Technology Co., Ltd., who is drafting the standard, is worried. Some companies will find some low-end materials for production when they receive the order. Regardless of the product life, the seller will receive the money, not only Consumers are not responsible, but also messed up the LED market.
Manager Liu’s statement was also endorsed by Chen Jiansheng, general manager of the LED division of Huayi Lighting Group. "The lack of standards brings problems to the production of enterprises. Even when 3C certification, the certification body can do nothing." Chen Jiansheng revealed that although Huayi's LED business unit has a research and development team of sixty or seventy people, but for the new LED standard, At the stage of exploration, many LED products can only refer to the standards of some traditional lamps, resulting in more investment and less results.
During the visit, the reporter also found that although LED as an emerging lighting industry has the advantages of energy saving, longevity and high efficiency, it is a "newborn" in the lighting industry, and its problems are increasingly prominent. According to the relevant person in charge of the National Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee Guzhen Office, the quality of LED products is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. In addition, the lack of corporate service awareness and the lack of uniform product quality standards, some manufacturers have low price dumping, leading to LED The development of the industry failed to accelerate in time. In addition, the high price has become the biggest stumbling block for the development and even popular use of LEDs.
Trend: LED lighting is expected to enter the development of an industry in the homes of the people. Only by benefiting the general public can it be in the ascendant. Known as energy-saving, long-life, and efficient LED Lights, the lack of technology and insufficient investment have led to high prices and narrow applications. "The ancient town's LED lights are currently

3mm Blue Through-Hole LED widely used for indicator LED, die hole LED and 3mm round blue with lamp holder because of the high brightness and the small size.

Angle of 3mm Blue Through-hole LED: 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 120 degrees are available.
3mm Blue- LED
We supply kinds of 3mm Through-hole LED with different wavelength from 365nm to 1550nm, which include the visible LED and the invisible LED.
In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 3mm Blue Through-Hole LED.

3mm Through-hole LED, we supply 3mm blue LED with water clear lens, 3mm blue LED with blue clear lens and 3mm blue LED with blue diffused lens. We also supply 4mm blue LED with water clear lens, 4mm blue LED with blue clear lens and 4mm blue LED with blue diffused lens.

For the pin of 3mm blue through-hole LED, we also have a lots of choice on it. For example: 3mm blue Through-hole LED flat pin, 3mm blue Through-hole LED curved pin, 3mm blue Through-hole LED braided pin ect.

For the bringhtness of 3mm blue through-hole LED, we have three level: common bright 3mm blue through-hole LED, super bright 3mm blue through-hole LED and ultra bright 3mm blue through-hole LED.

For the raw materials, we use the LED chip from Taiwan Epistar, Tyntek, Optotech. The stability of our products have been recognized by all of our custom.

3mm Blue Through-Hole LED

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