In 2014, the market for head-mounted wireless headsets became hot. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), Sony also upgraded its MDR products and introduced support for "tactile control." The new MDR-1ABT. As a bluetooth headset, users can tap or swipe their finger to control the headset without having to take out the phone or player to perform pause/play, or forward/backward operations.
Sony introduces MDR-1ABT Bluetooth headset to support advanced functions such as touch control
In order to improve the sound quality, Sony also presented a unique secret for the MDR-1ABT, such as the onboard digital audio converter (DAC), S-Master HX digital amplifier, and Sony's own "digital audio entertainment engine."
It is reported that the engine can subtly reproduce the high-harmonic parts lost in high-compression files, with echo cancellation and noise suppression.
Previously, Sony had launched a very ordinary MDR-10RBT wireless headset, but the MDR-1ABT with a greatly upgraded function is expected to pick up the interest of the headset.

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