During the period of May 1st, Shanghai Xinhong Lighting Market has been renamed as Greenland Lighting Market

Approaching the green lighting market, I saw the huge red inflatable arches with the words "Green Space Lighting Welcomes You" at the entrance of the market. The colorful flags slanted outside the exhibition hall will be displayed in the wind, celebrating the "five to one" purchase of the lights. The banner is particularly conspicuous.

In the market, the reporter saw that many new merchants entering the market are busy with the layout and decoration of the exhibition hall. The lighting dealers such as Philips and Haohao, which are close to the entrance to the market, are carrying out the May 1 promotion.

According to Ms. Wang Youzhen, the director of the original Xinhong Lighting Market Office, the name change of Xinhong Lighting Market is the result of the decision-making layer of Xinhong Development, which has reached a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Greenland Group and decided to jointly develop the Shanghai lighting market. Through this cooperation, the new lighting market will provide a stronger development platform for the settled merchants, and the market management office will also serve the growth of each merchant with greater enthusiasm and strength.

It is reported that the exhibition halls of the entire green lighting market have been rented out. Ms. Wang Youwei said that in order to further expand the influence of the green lighting market, Greenland Group is currently considering expanding the market area to strive for more lighting dealers to come in.


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