Industrial LCD display

FPD483-190 is an LCD flat panel display designed for industrial use. It has a solid structure and is easy to install and use. Can easily install touch screen. It is suitable for occasions such as industrial man-machine interface, process control, etc. with large electromagnetic in

GPRS wireless acquisition oil application solution

The development of wireless technology has promoted the development of industrial data collection. The DG6200 GPRS DTU introduced by Huayu Technology adopts GPRS+TCP/IP advanced embedded technology to provide customers with end-to-end GPRS wireless collection solutions.


Metro Turnstile Solution


With the rapid development of the rail transit industry, the use of gates at entrances and exits has become more and more widespread. At present, many domestic large-scale companies take this as an important direction

Danaher Motion Solutions for Semiconductor Devices

Danaher Motion, USA, has launched a complete wafer positioning system for semiconductor back-end processes under the trademark Dover. Danaher Motion has designed and manufactured a variety of positioning systems, specifically designed to reduce manufacturing time and optimize manu

Alkali recovery evaporation in the application of PLC

1 Introduction Alkaline recovery is an indispensable part of modern paper mills. Its role is as follows. First, the black liquor produced by the pulping process is treated so that the waste papermaking liquor reaches the discharge standard, the environmental pollution is reduced,