Millet TV host installs live TV via computer

The millet TV host installs the sofa butler via the "Sofa TV Elf". Other models of the millet TV host can also refer to this tutorial.

Installation process 1 computer download sofa TV Elf and extract → 2 record millet TV host IP address informa

Injection Molding Machine Computer ODM Solution

Shenzhen Incoms Electronics Co., Ltd. has opened its doors after completing the elevator ODM. After three months, it successfully completed the ODM development of the injection molding machine for a large injection molding machine manufacturer in Dongguan. The successful comp

Harm of power quality problems and solutions

Introduction: Power is the heart of information systems and electronic products. The quality of AC power determines the normal operation of information systems and electronic products. Therefore, to understand the quality of the AC power supply in order to provide effective soluti

SERCOS Introduction and TRIO Application

SERCOS (Serial Realtime Communication Specification, serial real-time communication protocol) is a protocol standard that is specifically designed to realize serial real-time data communication between a control unit of an industrial machine electrical equipment and a digital serv

Embedded PLC - EmbeddedTypePLC

Abstract: This paper presents the concept of embedded PLC by analyzing the classic controller, focusing on the basic analysis of the core structure of the embedded PLC software of EASYV1.00 to guide the industrial control designers to establish a new embedded system design concept