Before the family living room TV has bought a D9, this time is to buy the parents room, because the introduction of the WE30 interface is simple, so I bought this station, spent a day to say a few obvious feelings:
Let me talk about the advantages:
1. The equipment is small and exquisite, and it can be directly on the TV.
2. The performance is really good, at least in the fluency of the interface, faster than my A17's Mortimer D9.
The following is the Tucao point:
1. The volume of the remote control is too small (I think my hand is still relatively small)....there is a feeling of falling off at any time. The pictures can be seen from left to right: Temporary remote control, Hisense remote control Comparison of the device, Taijie, and 5s, among which Hisense's feel is best.
2. Or the remote control, there is no learning function, can not use a remote control at the same time control of the set-top box and TV section, to know that Tai Jie box is not advertised as easy to use it, why should increase in the switch machine a step? This means that there will always be two remote controls on the bedside table at the same time, increasing the risk of loss. As for the 2.4g 360 ° operation without dead angle operation is very convenient ah ~ ~ Please ~ ~ sofa sitting room in the living room is usually about 3 meters, the bedroom lying on the bed, this really makes sense? ? ? I would rather use a learning infrared remote control to streamline the number of devices I use.
Hopefully, Taejee will be able to come out with a similar remote control product (Bluetooth + Infrared?) in the future. At the same time, we would like to ask the netizens what solutions are available. Thank you!