There are several points that HD player supports for external subtitles:
1. .m2ts, .ts, .mkv subtitles can support SRT, SSA and ASS, including subtitle effects. IDX/SUB subtitles are only supported by MKV documents.
2. The file name of the external subtitles must be exactly the same as the video file name, and must be placed in the same directory. If M2U03795.mkv is an external subtitle file name, it must be The file name inconsistent subtitles cannot be obtained.
3. Our player currently does not support multiple subtitles (such as the file name containing chs/eng).
4. BDISO plug-in SRT subtitles are the same as C.
5. The BDMV plug-in SRT subtitle SRT file name must match the outermost BDMV folder.

How should BDMV subtitle?
BDMV subtitles support two plug-in methods.

The first way:
Name the SRT subtitles, and place them in the BDMV subdirectory, which is the same layer as index.bdmv. This firmware will grab as an BDMV subtitle. Coding still only supports Big5 (ANSI) or UTF-8.
The placement of is shown below:

For pure video files, such as .mkv/.avi/.ts, etc., please directly put the subtitle file name in the same location of the video file and completely name the video file name, as shown below:

The second way:
Go to the folder/BDMV/STREAM under this layer (ie the largest .m2ts on the same layer) and name the subtitles with the main movie
The .m2ts file has the same name. The following main movie file name is 00011.m2ts, and the subtitles must be named as

Please note that you must not add a .cht or .eng discriminative subword before the .srt extension.
For example: If the video file name is: Cherry-Blossoms-Romance-Spring-in-Japan.mkv
Subtitles must be:
Must not be:

Next, we will explain in detail the garbled processing of subtitles:

1, in the player's subtitle editing function to adjust, press the subtitles on the remote control, go into the fifth vertical grid (the fifth from left to right), which can be selected with the remote control to the bottom See UTF-8 this option, press OK on the line!

2, there is a problem with the subtitles We can view the subtitle file, first change the file name suffix to. Txt, then double-click to open the file. If the header is 0, all the illegal subtitle files will not be displayed when the movie is played; if the numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc., the correct subtitle file will be displayed. questionable.

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