With the increase in the individual needs of the urban population, exclusive customization is no longer a new thing. In particular, the spread of Internet thinking has made the user experience highly valued by merchants. Custom jewelry, customized computers, customized mobile phones, and custom white electricity have been infiltrated for many years, but TV's exclusive customized road has not been opened.

Until recently, the domestic color TV giant Skyworth proposed the concept of custom television for the first time, and has put a custom TV implementation plan on the agenda. It is reported that Skyworth’s upcoming DZ series TVs are tailor-made TV programs tailored to the individual needs of consumers, and consumers will soon be able to enjoy customized TV services.

Equipped with the latest cool open system

Skyworth TV product manager introduced, DZ TV 49 and 55 in two sizes, will be equipped with the latest cool open system, using 64bit CPU, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission module, support for Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth and other standard Bluetooth peripherals to connect, to achieve voice And other data transmission.

The DZ series TVs have built-in Gigabit HD WIFI (22 dual-band, 8812AU) modules, adding AP hotspots, and enabling hotspots on and standby. At the same time, DZ series TV also supports automatic signal source recognition, supports multi-screen interaction, supports the second screen of mobile phone, supports Miracast, DLNA wireless transmission, and realizes the TV send function. YK low-cost infrared remote controller is used to support mobile speech recognition.

Optional menu combination customization

For the custom model, the product manager revealed that the DZ series TV custom smart TVs will adopt a custom menu-style customization method. According to private needs, consumers can customize the TV size, weavers, memory space, mount or mounting method, decoration strip and base color in the customized area of ​​the official website to customize a smart TV that meets individual needs.

Liu Weizhi, vice president of the Skyworth Group and president of the color TV business division, said that Skyworth has invested 200 million yuan to automate production transformation in the past three years and will continue to invest 100 million yuan this year. After the completion of the automation transformation, the next two years will focus on investing in production that meets the need for customized customization. In June, Skyworth will launch a personalized custom implementation plan. By then, consumers can customize private television through Skyworth's official website.

Internet Thinking Accelerates Building TV Ecosphere

The soul of Internet thinking lies in the user experience, and it is also true for the TV industry that is aiming for transformation. How to meet the deepest demands of consumers to the greatest degree is the value orientation of the transformation of TV merchants.

Based on the judgment of the future trend of home appliance industry, Skyworth Group believes that in the future smart home appliance industry, building a new user experience and business ecosystem will be the only way for the color TV industry to transform.

DZ series TV intelligent custom TV is based on the most advanced hardware and software, breaking the solidification production mode, opening up the door for consumers to self-consumption, and fully satisfying the C-side demand, which is just the embodiment of the value of interconnected thinking. The introduction of the DZ series of television smart custom TVs will surely trigger a stir in the industry and accelerate the pace of industrial ecological change.

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