Dual-core machine double clear tutorial:

Follow this tutorial to initialize the machine to solve this problem.

After initializing, the first time it stays on the interface of the small robot will take a little longer, waiting about two to four minutes

Shuangqing cleared the data and cleared the cache

Operation is to enter the settings in the boot state - on the phone - system updates, press the menu key to select "restart into recovery" wait for the phone to restart into recovery, recovery with the volume button to select, power button to determine, select clear data. . .

What does wipe mean?
Wipe from the literal meaning of English words to understand is: 揩 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 揩 揩 揩 揩 揩 dry , 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 擦 , , , , , , , , , , ,. About wipe What is the meaning of more professional answer: wipe is to restore the meaning of the factory settings, including contacts, SMS, installed software, all deleted. Commonly known as hard Kai, restore factory settings. Note: app2sd and root permissions need to be re-made after the wipe. And app2sd important partitioning steps have to be revisited. Double wipe means double wipe refers to clear cache and memory data

The Benefits of Shuangqing Many people say what benefits Shuangqing has, why should I do it? Because we will erase some data through the Shuangqing to achieve a clean brush effect

This is basically one of the must-do before the card brush! Of course, you may not do this, but you feel that the benefits are great! !
Be sure to close Huawei's quick launch button first! !

Install the sofa butler: http://app.shafa.com/shafa.apk , the perfect partner for the open box!