The first Guzhen Lighting Accessories and Production Equipment Exhibition (referred to as “Light Distribution Exhibition”), which will open on the 20th, will hold 4 theme forums covering topics such as branding, marketing and control costs of accessories companies. The dozens of well-known experts and entrepreneurs invited by the industry will smash the most violent "brainstorming" of this year's lighting industry in the ancient town.

On the same day, the light distribution screen arranged a forum on the theme of “How to open source and reduce expenditures for accessory companies”. Experts and entrepreneurs from the conference will learn how to do marketing for accessory companies, how to make brands for accessory companies, and how to deal with raw material prices for accessory companies. "Volatility" and other aspects are discussed.

In the following two days, the organizers of the exhibition will also hold "the analysis of the differences between the new and old safety standards of electronic rectifiers and the key points and difficulties", "How the lighting companies will launch the defense of intellectual property rights", and "how to use information technology to improve the accessories and lighting industry." Three operational forums.

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