[Definition] Remote Phosphor Technology is another approach you can take to create LED lighting applications. The remote phosphor source element technology is achieved by applying phosphor onto the substrate instead of integrating it into the LED wafer package. By combining a remote phosphor plate with a royal blue LED and a light mixing chamber, white light without a visible point source can be achieved. This approach can provide a system with low glare, or higher system efficiency, improved reliability, and reduced color shift over time.


Intermatix's ChromaLit accurately attaches a composite phosphor to the substrate and separates it from the blue LED source. The individual phosphors illuminate under the excitation of blue light. Since phosphors have been separated from the light source and can be made into any shape and color, unidirectional light, hot spots, inconsistencies, and design constraints are no longer a challenge for solid state lighting.


· Available in round, square and linear standard products

· Can be customized according to shape, size and CCT (correlated color temperature)

· Provides customizable color saturation

· No glare and uniform high quality light

· Consistent color matching

· High CRI (Color Rendering Index)


· Unprecedented design freedom for solid state lighting products and systems

· Provides 30% higher system energy efficiency than traditional LED lighting designs

· Simplified luminaire supply and production

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First, variable arbitrary shapes and colors

The CHROMALIT series uses a phosphor coating to precisely coat the phosphor, separating the phosphor from the blue wafer, and the phosphor on the phosphor is illuminated by blue light. Because this technology separates the blue chip from the phosphor, the fluorescent plate can be made into any shape and color. The unidirectional illumination of the previous solid-state illumination, hot spots, inconsistent light and limited design are no longer used. It is a challenge in the field.

At present, Intermec has introduced circular, square, rectangular and line-type flat fluorescent plates, and also introduced candle-type, ellipsoidal and hemispherical curved phosphor films, especially in May 2012. Powder, can replace the traditional 75W or 100W incandescent lamp, fully meet the ENERGY STAR size, light distribution curve and light efficiency requirements.

Second, unprecedented freedom of design

The CHROMALIT series combines precision optical manufacturing and phosphor precision overlay technology to provide lighting manufacturers with a lighting system that can be arbitrarily shaped and coloured. The CHROMALIT series can be of any geometry, color temperature, indexing and substrate materials. And opened up unprecedented flexibility and creativity for the field of light source. Make curve lighting and stereo lighting a reality. The specifications of the flat Chromalit fluorescent plate are 22.5mm, 34mm, 45mm, 61.5mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm, 215mm, 200mm, 305mm (0.9in, 1.3in, 1.8in, 2.4in, 3.0in, 3.9in, 5.3in). , 8.5in, 7.9 inches, 12 inches), luminous flux can cover any luminous flux in the range of 110lm to 30,000, color temperature can choose 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, etc., color rendering index is 70 CRI, 80 CRI and 90CRI selection, made The luminaire can be up to CRI96 or higher, and the chromaticity deviation can be controlled within 1 color tolerance, 1 SDCM color consistency.

Third, the unique style of the promotion of the index

CHROMALIT's unique design enhances the display, and INTEMATIX's patented phosphor technology guarantees the stability of the phosphor and provides superior performance in terms of color consistency, uniformity and longevity.

Fourth, the problem has been solved

Traditional LED packages with different color temperature and color rendering indexes need to prepare different LED chips and phosphor formulations, and the packaged white LEDs have large color difference or color temperature deviation, and the yield is not high.

The interchangeability of the CHROMALIT series simplifies the problem of sub-BIN and reduces the required inventory for a larger spectral range. CHROMALIT series products can be easily converted into multiple colors without replacing the entire light source. Only one LED can be combined with different CHROMALIT series products to evolve a variety of color temperatures, indicating, R9. As the energy efficiency of blue LEDs continues to increase, a CHROMALIT fluorescent panel can be easily integrated into a new lighting system.

Fifth, improve energy efficiency by 30%

Unprecedented life and energy efficiency, using the CHROMALIT series of products to improve the light efficiency by 30% compared to the traditional LED lighting system, making the temperature lower, maximizing the use of photons and reducing light diffusion. Use CHROMALIT fluorescent plate to emit more light at the same power input, improve the service life of LED package and reduce the junction temperature of LED chip. CHROMALIT fluorescent plate design uses less LED, smaller heat sink, higher The drive current and lower power consumption emit more light.

6. Future prospects

In order to better guide the development trend of LED lamps in the future, Intermec's laboratory in the United States continuously develops new materials to improve the old process, and the future superiority will be reflected in:

1. Improved optical control

2. More color temperature and index selection

3. Suitable for more environments

4. Tailored shapes and sizes

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