China, Beijing – Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) recently introduced the ADuCM350, a high-precision, low-power on-chip meter that can be used in a variety of portable health applications, such as point-of-care diagnostics, home/self-test health equipment, and Wearable vital signs monitors, etc., including sports fitness monitors. The ADuCM350 is a single-chip scalable platform that integrates a 16-bit precision analog front end (AFE) consisting of a configurable multi-sensor switch matrix, hardware waveform generator and discrete Fourier transform (DFT) engine with processor System and industry standard software development environment, supporting a complete product development roadmap. The ADuCM350 on-chip meter provides convenient passive and active sensor connectivity, sensor fusion, and unmatched high-precision human physiological data measurement performance even under interference.

ADI on-chip meters support portable healthcare applications

Patrick O'Doherty, vice president of healthcare at Analog Devices, said: "The ADuCM350 on-chip meter supports a wide range of portable healthcare applications, from wearable health monitoring devices such as smart watches and advanced pedometers to shorter hospital stays. Nursing point diagnosis and high-quality home monitoring are possible. The ADuCM350 offers unmatched precision and on-chip integration, making it ideal for use in portable health and healthcare monitoring products."

ADuCM350 on-chip meter for system-level performance optimization

The ADuCM350 is optimized for system-level performance and high-precision signal measurement (including those with a single-button battery-powered monitoring device) and integrates a 16-bit precision 160 kSPS ADC, a +/-0.2% precision reference, and a 12-bit DAC A precision AFE consisting of.

The passive complex impedance sensing capability provided by the ADuCM350 enables baseline detection and provides detailed information on physiological, biological, and electrochemical reactions at previously unachievable performance levels. Passive and active sensor fusion provides additional levels of signal measurement accuracy, while environmentally adaptable on-chip capacitive digital conversion technology supports new applications such as skin electrode detection and next-generation electrochemical stripping technology. Precision AFE performs auto-calibration to ensure accurate, repeatable field measurement over the life of the product.

Scalable development platform supports fast feature expansion

The ADuCM350 Healthcare On-Chip Meter is a flexible application platform that supports a complete product development roadmap from entry-level devices to multi-function devices. Sensor fusion allows designers to extend product measurement capabilities. For example, the ADuCM350 platform uses ultra-low-power 3-axis MEMS accelerometers for height and motion detection, combined with heart rate and respiratory response, to support calorie consumption measurement applications. Rich communication I/O peripherals include USB, audio, display, serial and touch devices to support differentiation and fast function expansion. The ADuCM350 AFE Sequencer allows designers to use the measurement sequence once for software development and reliably use it throughout the product range.

Main features of the ADuCM350 healthcare type on-chip meter

· 16-bit precision, 160 kSPS ADC

· 0.2% precision reference voltage source

· 12-bit no missing code DAC

· Hardware accelerators for waveform generation and filtering

· 16 MHz ARM® CortexTM M3 processor

· 384 kB flash, 16 kB EEPROM and 32 kB SRAM

· Support sensor fusion

· Configurable switch matrix (current measurement, photometric measurement, impedance measurement, potential measurement)

· Complex impedance measurement (waveform generation and filtering)

· Stable capacitance digital conversion technology

· Support for communication I/O: USB, audio, display, paging and serial

· Rich power management capabilities

· Working power: compatible with button battery

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